Saturday, January 06, 2007

It's been a long time

It's been a long time since I posted anything as FionaSpeaks. My mother died in November and I think I must have been occupied with all that is involved with the death of someone you love.

I just met a woman who is in a similar life space--her father died recently. Like me, she was eager to talk. We stood on the street corner talking for a long time. I could see that she probably has a similar sense of loss.

There is so much important stuff to talk about and we human beings often avoid doing so. It is terrible to lose a parent. My mother was more of a center of my life than I had realized. Now she is gone. I have spent many hours scanning in family pictures in order to put together a photo album of her life and the life of our family.

This loss has led me to think about how we are connected to each other, the incredible number of things that we do to stay connected or to prtoect ourselves against feeling disconnected. This could take a whole book. Yet, there would be very few major points, but just illustrations of the various aspects of being connected to others and not being connected.

The blog is for witty people who want to build community. In this world that seems to be so full of witless efforts to self-aggrandize, I want to promote the simple idea of human connection.